ESR Forms

We have introduced Electronic Payroll Forms to replace the current paper versions, you can view them by clicking this link: Click here for ESR Forms

The electronic forms have been in use for several months and efficiencies have been identified:

A smooth flow of information to payroll

Mandatory fields ensure that payroll receive all necessary information

Forms can be tracked to identify each stage of progress

Decrease in the number of pay queries

Decrease the number of overpayments


A definition of each role is as follows: -

Originator > The Originator will be responsible for creating a new ESR1 (New Starter Form), ESR2 (Change Form) and ESR3 (Termination Form).

Approver > The Approver will be responsible for checking the submitted electronic forms. Once all the relevant details have been checked and confirmed the Approver has the option to process the forms onto Finance or Payroll. (All forms with a financial impact must be sent to Finance i.e. unit transfers, change in hours, promotion. Only those forms without financial implications such as name changes, change of address should be sent direct to Payroll.) Administrator The role of the administrator is to manage passwords, access levels and email addresses.


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