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If you are considering retirement and would like an estimate please contact one of the team below in writing either letter or email to request details of benefits. Include your name, date of birth, assignment number and a current address.


Please be aware that 4 months’ notice is required to ensure prompt payment of benefits once a decision has been made to retire. An ESR3 (leaver form) should be completed by the department manager and sent to Employee Services via the Data Exchange. A Retirement Benefits Claim Form (AW8) will then be sent to you for completion.


If you are returning to work after retirement trust policy states that you must take a 14 day break, this  can incorporate the 24 hour break which is currently stipulated in the NHS Pensions regulations as well as the requirement to work no more than 16 hours per week for the first calendar month.



Lifetime allowance protection from HMRC 

The majority of NHS Pension members will not have pension savings worth more than £1.25m at 6th April 2014. If your pension savings are worth more than £1.25m at retirement then without Lifetime  Allowance(LTA) protection you will be liable to pay a LTA charge on any benefits in excess of £1.25m. HMRC is introducing a new form of LTA protection called fixed protection2014 to protect individuals who have built up pension pots of more than £1.25m but no more than £1.5m. Further details of this can be found on the NHS Pension website at:  http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Pensions and the HMRC website.   Please note it is not the Trust’s responsibility to ensure that you are protected.








For further pensions advice, please contact :




Pensions generic email address: [email protected]


Contacts for HEFT Pension team



Telephone number

Pension Support

Pauline Kenny

0121 371 7485

Senior Pension Officer

Cheryl Maguire

0121 371 7473

Senior Pension Officer

Lyn Stone

0121 371 7474

Pension Team Leader

Debra Smith

0121 371 7495

Pension Manager

Jason Medley

0121 371 7498




ANNUAL ALLOWANCE Pensions  -  Does it affect you?



Do I earn in excess of £100,000?


Am I purchasing added years or additional pension?


Am I in receipt of a clinical excellence award on or after 1 April 2011?


Am I purchasing added years or additional pension?


These are just a few of the criteria that could take your Annual Allowance for pensions over the limit.


If the answer is yes to the above  please check out the HR website – NHS Pensions for more information regarding Annual Allowances or click on the link below.


The Annual Allowance is the maximum amount of tax-free growth your pension savings can grow by in one year. If you exceed this limit you will need to pay an Annual Allowance tax charge to HMRC. From 6 April 2011 the Annual Allowance was reduced from £255,000 to £50,000.


If a member would like NHS Pensions to pay some or all of their Annual Allowance charge for the 2011/12 tax year then NHS Pensions must receive their form (SPE2)  election notice on or before 31 December 2013. More information about Scheme Pays and Annual Allowance can be found on the NHS Pensions website at: http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/4221.aspx









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