Redeployment Support

Due to changes and challenges in our economy the NHS is undergoing a huge nationwide transformation. The Trust at the same time is committed to continually improving our services ensuring those we provide continually meet the requirements of our local community.

Effective management of change is crucial to both the short term efficient provision and management of services provided and also the long term viability and success of the Trust. The need for transformation within the NHS is widely recognised within an environment of ever increasing modification which means altering the services we offer and the way in which we need to provide them.

Some changes will prove very challenging as services and departments will be required to transform and sometimes even restructure which means that some staff could be placed ‘At Risk’. However other services may grow or even merge with other organisations resulting in new opportunities and roles becoming available within the trust and also across the region.

Our goal is to work together and support all staff throughout this transitional stage. Your HEFT Manager will support throughout this difficult period of transformation and should always be your first point of contact for any questions or queries that you may have.

Please find attached at the bottom of this page our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for your perusal. This will allow you the opportunity to access information confirming what happens in the event you do enter the Consultation process, what ‘At Risk’ means, how the HEFT Redeployment process works and the internal and external support which is available. We have also attached NHS Jobs ‘Employees Guide’ which gives instructions on how to register and access NHS jobs and set up bespoke job searches. If after reading the attached documents you have any unanswered questions regarding NHS Jobs or Vacancies which may be available to you please do not hesitate to contact the HEFT Recruitment team on Extension 48993 / Option 4. If you have questions relating to your contractual Terms and Conditions of Employment please contact the HEFT HR Advice line on Extension 48993 / Option 6. 


We have also added links to some useful and informative links to websites and information which we hope will help to support your individual needs and requirements;

  1. For up to date access to HEFT Internal unrestricted Vacancies (vacancies not held by HEFT Recruitment Team for Redeployment ) please access the Trust Intranet/J/job Vacancies
  2. For up to date access to vacancies within Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and across the NHS locally, regionally and even nationally please access Once you are registered upon you are able to perform bespoke job searches for vacancies that specifically match your skills, requirements and needs. You can sign yourself up to receive daily job alerts by email which will detail newly posted vacancies that match your requirements and you can even apply for jobs immediately online by completing their online application form. Once you have sent your first online application via NHS Jobs your form can be saved and edited for any further job applications you submit (remember to edit your form every time you apply for a post so your submittal matches each individual job description and person specification). For support and further information regarding online applications and how to complete one access For more information regarding how to access NHS jobs please access to the ‘Restricted Jobs Guide for Employees’ document in the attachment section at the bottom of this page, or for further help or information please telephone the HEFT Recruitment team on Extension 48993/Option 4.
  3. Embracing Change is an evolving NHS West Midlands resource, developed in partnership with other local NHS organisations in the West Midlands to support NHS staff and healthcare graduates in the region who may be faced with personal and professional challenges due to NHS organisational restructuring. It includes information about how to deal with change, advice on personal development, information regarding your rights, help with career planning, how to embrace new opportunities, and maximise your prospects plus CV and interview preparation skills. It has also been designed to help you understand your rights and entitlements, has advice on retirement, stress management, how to maintain health and wellbeing during change and links to lots of other useful sources of information. Please visit
  4. HEFT Work and Wellbeing Department offer a completely private and confidential Counselling Service. Counselling is a talking therapy which enables individuals to discuss any areas of their life which is causing discomfort or distress in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting. It can prove helpful for anybody for any reason which may as a result be making you feel stressed, anxious or uncomfortable. You can access the services via your Manager or via referral from an Occupational Health Advisor or you can self refer directly and confidentially by calling the Counselling Service at any of our hospital sites. Birmingham Heartlands 0121-424-0610, Good Hope 0121-424-7952 or Solihull 0121-424-5113.
  5. We recognise that staff may be worried or face challenges which they may not wish to discuss at work with their Manager, HR HR representative, Recruitment or even their colleagues and have therefore commissioned the services of PPC online.  PPC offers an Employee Assistance Programme giving staff the opportunity to access free and confidential advice and support covering a wide range of issues influencing their personal life or work life which may also be having an impact on their health and wellbeing. If you feel you need support or advice, please contact the Employee Assistance Programme by clicking on the link The Username is Heart and Password is England or you can telephone PPC directly on 0800-282-193.
  6. For easy to follow techniques and for tips to assist you in preparing your CV please access the CV Guide attachment at the bottom of this page. For more detailed on-line support please visit There is a link to a free on-line CV checking service and even a link to a professional CV writing service via CV Checker.
  7. To help you feel confident and to help you prepare answers to questions which you may be asked at an interview visit You can practice and perfect your interview technique with the help of leading industry professionals from multi disciplines by using interactive videos. This is a great tool to prepare you for the toughest questions and interview scenarios you are ever likely to face. This will help you feel calmer, more collected and in control to enable you to be in a stronger position to win over any potential interviewer.
  8. The Government has set up a confidential free, clear, unbiased monetary advice service which is fully funded by the levy placed upon the financial services industry. The Monetary Advice Service can give you unbiased information regarding loans, mortgages, savings, tax and even pensions. For information please go online at or you can telephone them on 0300-500-5000 Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm.
  9. To access up to date information and services which are available to you from various government departments and agencies please visit




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