Everyone must have an appraisal every year, this is linked to your annual pay increase and training record. If you have not had one please speak to your line manager. If you are a manager please ensure that you have completed an appraisal for all members of your team. The Trust requires every member of staff to have an appraisal on a rolling twelve month basis with a brief review after six months to check progress is being made. Your appraisal is to ensure that you have set goals to achieve whilst identifying any relevant development that may be required in order to carry out your role. Once the appraisal is completed please put the relevant paperwork into your team members personnel file and update the centrally held record by emailing : [email protected] , or update the spread sheet that has been emailed to you. Please make sure that you include the date of appraisal, the appraisee’s name and the appraiser’s name. For more information and tools, tips and training please email  - Appraisals