Online Expenses ~ 'How To' Training Guides

The documents below are training guides on how to use the Online Expenses system.  There are 4 modules and one Managers Toolkit.  The modules are :

Business Miles Claims

Travel Claims

Supplementary Claims

Subsistence Claims

Managers Approval process is in the Toolkit

NOTE: all the above links open up in a new window.

 These modules will guide you through the process of creating and submitting an expense claim and also on How to approve the claim for authorising Managers only.  There are also PDF versions of  the User Guides for claiming and authorising expenses which you can use in conjunction with this module and these can be found under Online Expenses on the Help Page Menu.

 Additional Information

Post codes for each journey must be entered in full.  Please note that the system does not currently hold information on your home to base mileage.  If you wish this to be added please contact the expenses team at Regents Court.

  1. Changing the Approving unit within a claim is currently unavailable.
  2. Please ensure you select your vehicle from the drop down option when entering a claim.
  3. There is a 90 day rule associated to expense claims and the system will not accept any claim further back than that, and you will not be able to submit the claim.
  4. The Trust may have different warnings and violations set up, to those mentioned in the training module.
  5. The cut off dates for submitting a claim remain unchanged.
  6. We would advise that you notify your approving manager when you have submitted an expense claim to ensure the claim is approved before the payroll deadline.
  7. Payroll cut off dates will be communicated shortly for approved expense claims.
  8. When approving a claim, you can only check the details on Roster if your unit is live on E Roster.

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