Disclosure and Barring Service

As part of the Trust’s commitment to the safety and welfare of our service users and to comply with best practice, the Trust conduct an audit through the Disclosure and Barring Service for all existing employees who have not had a DBS check within the last three years, or who have not had a DBS registered on file.

 You will need to complete a DBS disclosure if-

  1. you work/have access to children and or adults in the course of your normal duties
  2. your position is eligible for a DBS check
  3. your current DBS check is due to expire
  4. you have not had a DBS check in the last 3 years


It is mandatory for all staff that have received a requested to complete a DBS disclosure, as part of this audit, to complete one as soon as possible.

Update Service

The DBS have introduced a new service called the Update Service.  This will, if subscribed to, make your Criminal Records Check become portable and you could take it with you from job to job, organisation to organisation.  This is an additional service offered by the DBS and it is optional to sign up to.  There is a fee of £13.00 per annum which payable by you should you wish to subscribe.  Please see the applicant guide to the Update Srvice for details on how to apply.

Below is some supporting information and a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

If you require any further information please contact either Karen Driscoll on 48941


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